The At Terminal section helps answer key questions such as:

  • What is the LFD for a container?

  • Are there any customs or shipline hold issues, or fees due that are preventing a trucking partner from picking up and delivering a container?

  • When are my containers getting picked-up?*

  • Are any containers at risk of demurrage or haven't been picked up, yet?

Important information, such as LFD, Fees Due, Holds and container availability status are updated automatically and in real-time, so you always have the most up-to-date information without having to refresh and recheck.

To access the At Terminal tab, select Containers > At Terminal from the navigation at the top of the page.

At Terminal Page Details

Data Available

 - B/L Number - Master bill of lading number
 - Ref # - Internal customer reference number
 - Origin - Terminal / pick up location
 - Destination - Delivery location
 - Customer - Customer name
 - Steamship Line - Steamship line and vessel name
 - Container Number
 - Container Type
- Container size & type
 - Container Status - Status information is updated automatically
    -- Not Available - Container is not available for pick up; common reasons are there is a a holds issue, fees are due or a container is being moved to a different yard.
    -- Available - Container is available for pick up.
 - LFD - Last Free Day. LFD is updated automatically.
 - Holds - Customs and shipline holds information will update automatically
    -- Customs - Customs hold is placed on a container
    -- Customs Pending - Customs release has not been processed, yet
    -- USDA - USDA hold is placed on a container
    -- Freight - Shipline hold is placed on a container
    -- Freight Pending - Shipline release has not been received by the terminal, yet
 - Fees - Fees due that will prevent a container from being available for pick up, such as terminal gate fees, demurrage, customs fees, will be displayed and updated automatically.
 - Pickup Appointment - Container pickup appointment set by the trucking partner *
 - Delivery Appointment - Container delivery appointment set by the trucking partner *  - Trucker Assigned - Dispatched trucker *

 * These features are available for truckers that are signed-up with our system. Reach out to us using the Chat button or email [email protected] to learn more.


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