Both pickup and delivery appointments must be made the day the container becomes available within one day of each other. Not exceeding 2 days chassis. Anything beyond 2-days will require supporting evidence, outlined below.


You will be notified when a container is available via email, with a subject line:Container [#] is Available (Delivery Order [#]).

Next Steps

  1. Book pickup appointments as normal, on the terminal website, and contact the warehouse to schedule a delivery appointment (warehouse contact and delivery instructions are on the Order Details page on Terminal 49).ย 

****CC [email protected] on all communication****

  1. Update the Terminal 49 system with the appointment times to keep all parties informed

  2. Locate the container to update on the Overview tab of the Order Details page

  3. Click on the calendar icon for the container

  4. Click on Set Appointment and update the Terminal Appointment and Delivery Appointment dates and times

  5. Click Save

Communication Requirements

  • CC [email protected] on all appointment setting emails.

  • Make both pick up and delivery appointments the day the container becomes available.

  • If for any reason chassis days will exceed 2 (warehouse availability, picking up the container on a Friday, holiday closures... etc... this must be communicated in advance in the 'activity' section on Terminal 49 to all parties.

Documentation Requirements

  • In the instance the warehouse is unable to accommodate a delivery appointment at the requested time, email correspondence must be uploaded on Terminal49.com in the 'documents' section of the Order Details page.


  • If more than 2 days of chassis is charged, but this was not communicated in advance, Terminal 49 reserves the right to withhold the additional chassis and storage charges.

  • If the container is picked up on a Friday to avoid LFD charges and incurs chassis days exceeding 2, Terminal 49 will assume we are sending too much volume and lower the percentage of loads offered.

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