How To Add/Edit Shipments Tags

How to add/edit shipments tags

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How can shipments tags help you?

It can help you group shipments together by goods type or any internal category you might use. Single/Multiple shipments tags can be added when adding a shipment and can also be edited after the shipment has been added to T49.

Video Walkthrough of adding/editing shipments tags:

How to add tags during shipment upload

1. On the tracking request page, add the tags on the tag tab

2. Hit the Create Tracking Request Button

How to add/edit tags after the shipment upload

  1. Click on the shipment you want to tag

  2. Hit the edit button


  3. Type a tag you wish to add then hit enter > Save shipment

    Remove a tag by clicking the x button next to the tag name > Save shipment

    How to filter shipments by tag on shipments page

    1.) Type the tag on the tag tab then hit enter

    2.) Now you'll only see shipments with specific tag


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