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What happens after I add a shipment to Terminal49? (Recently Added Shipments)
What happens after I add a shipment to Terminal49? (Recently Added Shipments)

See if your shipments are tracking on Terminal49, still pending, or failed to track.

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When you add shipments to Terminal49 (by any method - Dashboard interface, email uploads, API, etc.) you can see them all in Recently Added Shipments.

From there, you can filter by Created/Failed/Pending to see where they are in the upload process:

Video Walkthrough:

What does each status mean?

  • Created: Terminal49 is now successfully tracking your shipment and you can find it under All Shipments.

  • Pending: Terminal49 is still working on locating your shipment. Most shipments are in Pending status for only a few seconds or minutes, but can sometimes stay here for up to 24 hours while we communicate with the steamship line. No further action is needed on your part.

  • Awaiting Manifest: The carrier has a record of your MBoL but data is not yet available, or the requested booking number could not be found. Your shipment will successfully create on Terminal49 automatically once the carrier assigns container numbers to the shipment. No further action is needed on your part. If your request number cannot be found after 7 days we will mark the tracking request as failed.

  • Failed: These are shipments that Terminal49 cannot track. Different reasons for failure are detailed below. These are shipments you should investigate internally and try again once you have updated information. ​

    Note: Should you wish to adjust the duration before marking your tracking requests as failed, please contact us through [email protected].

Why did my shipment fail to track?

  • Not Found: if the Master Bill of Lading or Booking number you provided does not exist with the carrier, we either immediately fail the tracking request or keep trying depending on whether the request number type is a bill of lading or a booking number:

    • Booking numbers do not fail instantly. We change the status to awaiting manifest and will keep checking your request daily. If your request number cannot be found after 7 days we will mark the tracking request as failed by changing the status to failed.

    • Bill of lading numbers fail straight away after a not found response from the shipping line.

      Possible reasons the tracking request number was not found with the carrier:

      • Incorrect Carrier Name - though the shipping line data gets automatically updated after adding BOL/Booking number, sometimes accidental edit might happen. You'll need to create a new tracking request with the correct carrier name.

      • Unsupported Request Number Types - the request number type provided is currently unsupported. See below the list of unsupported request number types:

        • House Bill of Lading Number (HBL)

        • Purchase Order Number (PO)

        • Seal Number

        • Invoice Number

        • Packing List Number

        • Sales Order Number

      • Typo in the shipment number - your customer provided the wrong number or an accidental edit happened during the shipment upload.

  • Retries Exhausted: Terminal49 has repeatedly attempted to get data from the shipping line 14 times, but has failed to return data after many attempts and is no longer trying. If you would like to try this Master Bill of Lading or Booking number again, you will need to upload it again or send a new tracking request. Typically this occurs within 14 hours although it may take longer in some circumstances.

  • Carrier Not Supported: Terminal49 is not currently integrated with the carrier responsible for that shipment. To request support for additional carriers, please request an improvement here.

  • Shipping Line Unreachable: this means the shipping line was unreachable at the time of the tracking request submission. This is a temporary failure reason; you should retry the tracking request. 

  • Duplicate: when the shipment already existed. Please note: You can't submit the same BL twice, the same booking number twice, or track an existing single container using BL/Booking number if the container is not already being tracked using a container number. However, if you submit the same shipment (w/ multiple containers) in different ways - ex. once via MBL and once via booking# - then we'll treat that as two shipments and you'd be charged for the resulting containers twice.

  • Expired: this means your request number still cannot be found on the steamship line's website after 7 days.

  • Booking cancelled: if the shipping line indicates that the booking has been cancelled.

  • Invalid Number: if the shipping line rejects the formatting of the number.

  • Data Unavailable: It means the number is acknowledged as valid by the shipping line, but they will not return any data.

Can I retry my shipment?

When a shipment fails, you click Resubmit to try it again. This is worth trying if it failed because retries were exhausted or the shipping line was previously unreachable.

If you are submitting shipments via API, this page has more helpful information.

If you need additional help troubleshooting your shipments, please contact [email protected] and include the shipment number.

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