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What data/reports can I export from Terminal49?
What data/reports can I export from Terminal49?

Read here for a list of all available reports that can be added to your account.

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Terminal49 has a robust suite of workflow reporting to help you run your operations. If you see a report on this list that you would like added to your account, contact [email protected].

Operational reports:

  • Lists of containers : for lists of containers, instead of the reports listed below, we highly recommend using our new containers dashboard, as it is very flexible and lets you build your own custom report.

    • All containers : list of all the containers, with multiple filters.

    • Containers On Ship : list of the containers that are currently on ship.

    • Containers with Demurrage : list of containers that currently have a demurrage amount.

    • Containers with Customs Hold : list of containers that are currently held at customs.

    • Containers with Freight Hold : list of containers that currently are on a freight hold.

    • Container Exception Report : list of containers with any type of hold.

    • Containers Awaiting Pickup : list of containers currently awaiting pickup.

    • Containers On Rail : list of containers that are marked as being currently on rail or that have a rail terminal as their destination.

    • Containers Awaiting Empty Return : list of containers currently awaiting to be returned.

    • Containers Empty Returned : list of containers that have been recently returned.

    • Containers' Latest Milestone : list of actively tracked containers with their last known milestone.

  • Shipments: list of the shipments, with multiple filters.

  • Shipments' POD ETA changes: list of ETA updates of each shipment.

  • Containers' Holds History: list of all of the past updates regarding the holds of the containers (pending, hold, released)

  • Arrivals: dashboard summarizing the number of containers by week, and by lane (Port of Lading to Port of Discharge), based on the ETA. Shows the status (on ship, berthed, discharged) of all arriving containers in a time period.

Vessel Insights:

  • Vessel Arrivals BETA : list of vessels arriving soon at their PODs and the containers they carry.

  • Transit Times by Lane : average shipping time (POL ATD to POD ATA) by lane of your containers, as well as of all the containers tracked by Terminal49.

Data Quality Reports:

  • Terminal Latency Report : for each terminal, measures of the latency of the "container available" information (based on all of the containers tracked by Terminal49, not only your account's).

  • Carrier Latency Report : for each carrier, measures of the latency of each main transport event (based on all of the containers tracked by Terminal49, not only your account's).

  • Container Data Completeness : summary of the completeness of the key container attributes (e.g., percentage of containers that had a Discharged timestamp, a LFD, a POD Full Out timestamp etc.). Broken down by shipping line, and by terminal.

Account Usage Reports:

  • Usage: container counts based on the selected time period.

  • Usage - Invoice Periods: container counts based on your billing cycle.

  • Reported Issues : list of the issues reported by the account.

  • Active users by week : users in your account and their activity in the Terminal49 dashboard.

  • Search Widget Usage : for accounts that use the Search Widget, this report shows the usage of the widget (number of successful and failed searches by day, number of unique users, and the log of each search).

  • Customer Volume Report : number of shipments and containers added to Terminal49, aggregated by month and by customer.

Troubleshooting Reports:

  • Tracking Requests : list of the tracking requests received by Terminal49, with their current status.

  • Tracking Request Analytics : metrics on tracking request submissions and success rate.

  • Webhook Events' Overview : for API customers, this report gives an overview of the webhook delivery (list of the endpoint URLs, the percentage of successful delivery, and the list of the subscribed webhook events).

  • Webhook Notification Delivery for a specific shipment : for API customers, this report lists each webhook notification sent for a specific shipment or container.

Want to see something that isn't on this list?

Enterprise customers can also request custom reports built specifically for your business and workflow needs - contact [email protected] to get in touch with our Data team.

Exportable/email-able reports are available on Terminal49 with the Enterprise plan. If you are currently on the Premium or API-only plan and are interested in adding reports to your account, please contact [email protected].

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