Container Milestones

Understanding Container Milestones in Terminal

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The Journey of an Ocean Container:

See the container milestones from the steamship line in Terminal49:

What are container milestones?

- Container milestones represent the significant events in the container's lifecycle that can be used as a standard for monitoring.

What do these milestones mean?

1. At the Port Of Lading:

  • Empty out - means an empty container has left the terminal (at the port of origin - so it goes to the shipper to get filled up)

  • Full-in - means a full container has arrived from the shipper to the port of origin

  • Vessel Loaded - the full container has been loaded onto the ship.

  • Vessel Departed (ETD) - The date and time that the vessel leaves the port. This is an estimated milestone until it becomes actual.

2. During the Voyage

  • Transshipment Arrived - When cargo or a container is moved from one vessel to another while in transit to its final destination.

  • Transshipment Discharged - When a container is unloaded from one vessel and in preparation for loading it onto another vessel which may or may not be the vessel that will reach the discharge port.

  • Transshipment Loaded - The act of loading a container from a previous vessel onto another vessel which may or may not be the vessel that will reach the discharge port.

  • Transshipment Departed - Transfer of a shipment from one carrier, or more commonly, from one vessel to another while in transit.

3. At the Port Of Discharge

  • Vessel Arrived (ETA) - Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) is when a ship or vessel is expected to arrive at a specific destination.

  • Vessel Berthed - it means that it has reached its intended destination and is securely tied up or anchored to the designated berth or mooring point.

  • Vessel Discharged - Where a vessel is off-loaded and cargo discharged.

  • Full-out - This means a full container leaves the terminal. This occurs at the destination

  • Empty Returned - Occurs after the shipper has received the goods and returned an empty container to the terminal, at the destination port

Note: The time zones are local to where the event happens.

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