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Customer Referral Program - How it Works
Customer Referral Program - How it Works

This article outlines the rules and conditions of the customer referral program.

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Here’s what we know:

  • You’ve got great taste (you love Terminal49!)

  • You know people - importers, customs brokers, freight forwarders, drayage carriers

Why not share Terminal49 with those people and earn $250? (That's for you, not your company!)

Here’s how:

  • Introduce your Terminal49 contact to your friend via email and cc [email protected]

  • Contact our sales team via the in-app chat and coordinate a zoom meeting introduction or phone call.

  • Talk to your contact directly and have them mention your name when speaking with our sales team

We wrote an email template to make it super easy for you:

Hi {First Name},

I think you can benefit from using Terminal49! This is the tool I use to track my shipments and get visibility on ETA, container availability, LFD, and much more.

Terminal49 can help you because [insert reasons here]. You can test it out with a free trial. During the free trial, you will get access to:

  • High quality and low latency Carrier, Terminal, and Vessel Intelligence Data

  • Access to the full API

  • Dashboard visibility tool with Containers At-Risk notification system

  • Sharing container updates with your partners and customers without a login

  • Prompt and helpful customer Support

  • SO much more!

To learn more about Terminal49, you can reply to this email or book a demo.


If your friend signs up for an annual Terminal49 subscription within 90 days, we will send you your gift card via email.

So, what are you waiting for? Refer a friend today!

Payment Conditions:

  1. The customer must sign an annual contract within 90 days of the introduction.

  2. Payments will be made directly to users via gift card - this is not for credits on an invoice.

  3. Terminal49 reserves the right to deny, decrease, or increase the payout at any time. These changes will be communicated directly.

  4. There is no limit on the number of referrals a person can make.

  5. If Terminal49 has already had conversations with the contact or business, Terminal49 may not pay a referral based on timing and other considerations.

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