How to Customize and Share Container Dashboard View

Customize your dashboard views and share them with anyone without a log in

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A Swiss Army knife to manage your containers

Create a view, like a bookmark

Each person on your team can create their own custom views to manage their unique workflow.

1.Start with an existing view (such as Needs Attention)

2.Add desired filters (ETAs, fees, holds, awaiting pickup, etc)

3.Pick your columns

4.Click Create New View

Share a view outside Terminal49

  • You can create and share a public container tracking link from any view for your customers or partners

  • Whenever a new container matches the selected filters, it's automatically added to the shared view

  • Your partners will see information updated immediately, speeding up communication, collaboration, and customer service

Other features

  • Group by shipment β€” when sorting, you can group together containers that are part of the same shipment

  • Sliding range date selectors β€” you can specify relative dates instead of calendar dates (e.g. next 10 days) and your view will update dynamically

Please watch the video below on how to customize and share the container dashboard view:

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