Terminal49 Status Page

Find out about any incidents related to Terminal49 services and integrations

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Terminal49 Status Page provides users with up-to-date information on the operational statuses of our services and data provider integrations. This includes Terminal49 API, Terminal49 Dashboard Application, Terminal49 Homepage, Webhooks, and Shipping Lines.

Subscribe to status updates

At the bottom of the page, users can subscribe to receive notifications about serious downtime events or service degradation.

You can visit the page by clicking the Help button on the bottom left of the dashboard and clicking System Status.

Statuses and their meanings

Operational - functioning as expected

Degraded - having issues but still operational

Downtime - service is not available

Terminal49 Applications

This section shows you the up-to-date statuses of Terminal49's services: API, Dashboard, Terminal49, and Webhooks.

Shipping Lines

This section shows you the status of steamship line integrations. You can hover your mouse over the status bar to see the service status on a specific date.

Previous incidents

This section shows the logs of past incidents, including details about the nature of the problem, and when we resolved the incident.

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