When Do Shipments Stop Tracking?

Why shipments stop being tracked.

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Shipments that are successfully tracked in Terminal49 are kept updated automatically on your behalf. We stop tracking once a shipment is complete.

There are several reasons a shipment may stop being tracked:

  1. All Containers Terminated. Once every container has been empty returned there is no more information to update the shipment with so we stop tracking.

  2. Past Arrival Window. If it is 56 days past the shipment arrival and there have been no updates from the carrier we will stop tracking.

  3. No Updates at Line. If it is 56 days without an update from the carrier we will stop tracking. Alternatively, if it's 28 days since the last container was picked up by truck, we will stop the tracking.

  4. Booking Cancelled. If the shipping line says the booking has been cancelled we will stop tracking.

  5. Data Unavailable. If data at the shipping line becomes unavailable because it has been made private or due to data retention policies.

With the exception of All Containers Terminated, once we have stopped tracking your shipment it will no longer appear in the All, On Ship, or Arrived tabs but will show up in the Stopped Tracking tab.

If the stopped tracking reason is all containers terminated, it will remain in the All and Arrived tab for 5 days before being moved to Stopped Tracking.

You can see the reason that a shipment has stopped tracking at the very bottom of the shipment detail page:

How can you stop tracking on a shipment?

If you want Terminal49 to stop tracking a shipment then you can use the link at the bottom of any active shipment detail page to do so:

We do not currently support stop-tracking on a single container within a shipment. If you are interested in this feature, you can upvote it here.

Please contact [email protected] if you need any help or have further questions!

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