Shipments Data Not Updated
Shipment's Data Not Updated
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If you've noticed that your shipment's data is inaccurate, (ex. ETA is incorrect, shipment status not updated, etc..) try to check when the terminal or carrier's data last refreshed in the shipment's page. It's possible that you've checked the shipment's data in between the refresh time of the carrier/terminal. The changes will probably appear on the next refresh of the shipment's data.

To get an estimate of when the carrier/terminal updates will appear on T49, please refer to the last refreshed of the carrier data at the bottom of the shipment. While refer to the last refreshed of the terminal data at the bottom of the terminal history. See screenshots below:

Carrier Data Refresh Indicator

Terminal Data Refresh Indicator

If you need help or have any questions about the data quality of your shipment, please reach out to [email protected].

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