Container Statuses and their definitions

See the current status of your container.

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Terminal49 shows each container’s latest status so you can see what is happening with your cargo as it moves through its journey. The status is located next to the container number in the dashboard.

Below is a list of each possible status and its meaning, in chronological order:

1) No Status - the container has not been loaded on a ship and is still in the port of lading.

2) On Ship - the container has been loaded on a ship and is heading to the port of discharge.

3) At Terminal - the container is at the terminal, but is still on the vessel and waiting to be unloaded.

4) Not Available - the container has not been cleared to leave the terminal. There are many reasons a container may be prevented from leaving the terminal, including a variety of terminal, customs, and/or line holds. If a hold is in place, the terminal will not release the container for pickup until it is cleared. The shipper or forwarder is generally responsible for resolving these issues. During this time, the countdown to Last Free Day (LFD) continues, which can result in demurrage fees.

Grounded: term used for containers that are stored in stacks at terminal yards once offloaded from a ship. This is in contrast to being “on wheels”.

5.) Available at Shippers - This appears temporarily between a container moving off dock to the 'Shippers' yard and when T49 startS pulling status from the off dock location.

6) Available - holds have been cleared and the container is available for pickup and delivery to the consignee, or the container is available for delivery to an off-site facility for a required exam. The available status means the container has no clearance issues preventing its departure from the terminal.

7.) On Rail: This means that the container is on rail heading towards it's final destination after being discharged from the POD.

8) Picked Up - the container has been picked up by a trucker from the port of discharge/final destination and is on its way to the warehouse.

9) Delivered - the container has been delivered to the warehouse. Please note that users must mark a container as delivered as the delivery date and time data is only available to them (Terminal49 does not have access to this information).

10) Empty Returned - the container has been returned to the shipper empty and has completed its journey. Terminal49 will stop tracking the container at this point. See more information here.

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