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Reference Numbers vs. Tags vs. Customers

How to associate a shipment in Terminal49 with your internal data

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In order to make shipment tracking data useful for your operations, you'll want to tie your internal data to the shipments you're tracking in Terminal49. Examples of internal data include:

  • Purchase Order numbers

  • SKUs

  • Suppliers

  • Vendors

  • Team and/or team member responsible for shipment

  • Customers

What's the best way to input that data into the different fields in Terminal49?

  • If something applies to multiple shipments, you'll want to submit that as a Tag. Tags are a way to sort/filter/group multiple shipments together.

    • You can associate multiple tags with a shipment

    • You can update tags on a shipment at any time. Here is how.

  • Reference Numbers are meant to be unique to the shipment (e.g. a PO number)

    • You can associate multiple reference numbers with a shipment

  • In order to share a list of shipments/containers with an external party, like a customer or vendor, you should submit that info in the Customer field instead. That will allow you to create a custom view that your outside partners are able to see. This article shows you how to do it.

Need help inputting your internal data into Terminal49? Contact [email protected]!

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