Below is the list of holds and fees categories in Terminal49 and their definitions:


Customs: hold - US Customs may flag containers for further inspection. In this case, a container will either be held and examined at the terminal, or have to be moved to a third-party customs exam site.

Freight: hold - refers to a pause placed on a shipment for a variety of potential reasons and by a number of possible parties. In many circumstances, the hold is instituted due to unpaid fees, but in some, it may relate to a customs inspection or document issue.

TMF: hold - At the Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach, customers may have a TMF hold or Traffic Mitigation Fee. This fee is charged to pick up cargo during peak hours. TMF holds can be resolved through third parties such as PierPass or by contacting the terminals for other payment methods.

USDA: hold - We show the hold so that our customers can alert their customs broker. Most of the time this can be avoided if the paperwork is submitted in a timely fashion. The terminal does not give us any details on what the hold is about, so notifying them is the action that we are able to take.

Strip Unit: Hold - If a unit is scheduled to be stripped, a hold is placed on the container so it will not be dispatched.

Line: Hold - encompasses and hold on the container initialed by the shipping line (ex: Equipment hold, No Entry by Line Hold, etc.)

Other: hold - this means the reason for hold is unknown to Terminal49.

*Currently Terminal49 can only pull the hold information as it is given to us from the Terminal. The system does not clear this information even after the container is picked up or moved on rail because it has no way of knowing whether the container is moving in-bond.


Demurrage - charged by the terminal and accrues each day the container remains at the terminal beyond the Last Free Day (LFD). The terminal typically gives 4 to 5 free business days (2 days for refrigerated containers, reefers) of storage at their yard.

Extended Dwell Time - the extended time it takes at port to secure the vessel or discharge the cargo.

Exam Fees - is a fee that is tacked onto a shipment by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) when they pull your container for inspection.

Other - type of fee that terminal does delineate but we don’t have a category for a specific fee.

Total - type of fee that terminal does not delineate what fees are for.

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